The dress code of the Darul Uloom is strictly Long sleeve gown (Jubba/Kameez) white preferred and trousers worn well above the ankles. All sweaters, jerseys & jackets should have no pictures and bold inscriptions on it. Shaving or trimming the beard below a fist length is strictly prohibited. Hair should be neatly trimmed or shaven.


We suggest that the following items be brought along:

  1. Three pairs of Kameez and Sarwaal (White color)
  2. Three Hats, One Saafah
  3. A pair of shoes
  4. One Bedding
  5. Bed sheet and Blanket
  6. Warm clothes for cold weather
  7. Towels, washing and bathing essentials
  8. One bowl for Tea
  9. One Pillow (Takiya)
  10. Personal cosmetic set
  11. Rest of the items will be provided by the Darul Uloom (In sha Allah)


NOTE: For those students who cannot afford the items it will be provided.

  1. Please ensure that Vest, Jacket has no fancy print/photos on it. Fancy Hats/ T-shirts will not be allowed.
  2. No three-quarter trousers are allowed.