Darul Uloom Drasa

Darul Uloom and Darul Yataam of the South Pacific (formerly Drasa Madrasa) was established as a religious body in 1972. It’s an institute of Islamic learning’s and related disciplines. Darul Uloom impart two faculties of study that are Hifz-ul-Quran and Al Aalimiyah. Youths from abroad and different parts of Fiji are studying in these departments of Darul Uloom, students also learn Mathematics, English and Basics of Computer as well as attend Primary and Secondary Schools. The tuition fees, books, food,accomodation etc are provided free of cost to these students.

Our Mission

To provide a challenging Islamic teaching and learning environment that will nurture and empower the child to become creative and mould just and disciplined society which can positively pursue and develop a future for themselves, the community and the country as a whole.



Build occupational centers, dwelling centers and educational centers for the benefit of the orphans and others admitted at the Institute.

Impart religious instructions according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) as contained in the Holy Quran and the Hadiths.

Accept donations from organizations, individuals or whatever source for the purpose of administering the Institute and Orphans Home.

Do all such acts that may be relevant to the operation of the Islamic Institute and Orphans Home.

Organize, administer, control and facilitate the operation of Darul Uloom Darul Yatama for the benefit of the orphans and the poor of Fiji and other countries irrespective of creed, ideology or the way of life.