The Darul Uloom has two main faculties of study

  • Hifzul-Quran- the memorization of the Quran Al- Kareem.

  • Al Aalimiya- study of Islamic Jurisprudence and Science.

LAUNDRY: The Darul Uloom offers a laundry service for the benefit of the student. All clothes are packed in the laundry baskets and are handed for washing.

SAFE KEEPING: Pocket money may be handed to the Vice-Principal with instructions as to how the money is to be dispersed. This is advanced on a weekly basis.

VISITORS ROOM: The Darul Uloom has limited space to accommodate guests, parents etc. At present we have one 2 bedroom (fully furnished) visitors room. Priority is given to the overseas visitors and locals who travel from distance.

RECREATION FACILITIES: There is a large sports ground comprising of a soccer field, rugby field and volleyball court. Students use these facilities daily after Asr Salaah and over the weekends.

LIBRARY: The Darul Uloom has a well-equipped library. It houses some two thousand books on various aspects of Islam. The books are predominantly in the Urdu and Arabic language with a selection of English books. Books may be viewed in the library under the permission and supervision of the teacher in-charge. The library can be contacted on (679) 628 2526 or email at: darululoom@connect.com.fj

BOARDING FACILITY: There are 12 dormitories which are monitored by the Teacher on Duty. Each dormitory accommodates a maximum of 24 students and a minimum of 4 students. It depends on the size of the dormitories. Each student has his own built-in cupboard for his personal belongings. Each room contains showers, conveniences, electrical fans and 4 of the dormitories are equipped with hot water system and are fully air-conditioned. All dormitories are OHS approved.

KITCHEN AND DINNING HALL: Three meals are provided for by the Darul Uloom. Breakfast usually consists of bread, butter and honey served with tea. Lunch usually consists of vegetable curry served with rice/roti. Tea and biscuits are served in the afternoon. Various types of curries are served with rice for supper.

MAIL: Letters, parcels etc. can be sent to the postal of Darul Uloom. Please ensure that the parcels are securely packed and clearly labelled.